Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Good Human

Today, India lost one of it's most popular and respectable politician, Late Mr YSR Reddy.
Ironically, this is the only nation in the world which seems to loose the gen-next leaders in some weird and untraceable air-plane crashes.
In a country of a billion demands and tensions, few politicians command respect for their work and achievement, and I am sure, Mr Reddy, sitting pretty in the adobe of heavens above, will know, his work had just started. A charismatic leader, not by populist propaganda, but by the sheer strength of his socialist schemes and humble attitude, the people of Andhra Pradesh have definitely lost someone more than a politician.
It's a bigger irony that politicians are always looked in the dark shades, even after their deaths, and no matter what they do, controversies arise out of ashes.
I hope, he will get a better treatment, for above everything, he was a good human.
As far as politics goes, Congress has lost it's king of the south, TDP can regroup and target 2014.
But for now, pray for the man, his aides who died along with him, and their families.
May God Bless us all.

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