Thursday, November 25, 2010

Win Some Lose Some

It seems weird, but somehow I feel that the last two months have perhaps been the longest of my life so far. I have never ever learned so much about myself. The entire world has gone topsy-turvy. Change is life, and being the change, is perhaps as challenging as climbing Everest. I have learned that all change looks good, only if we are not paying for it or we are not asked to change. Changing mindset, habits, idealogies, values, priorities, is a challenge that can only be won by scholars in quest for fiction. Life, sadly, is lot more complex and change is only a sub-system of our priorities and value systems, for the reverse case is a distant possibility.

I have learned this the hard way, but have I really learned my lessons? Life is an unending war, with battles waiting to define our success and fall. You win some, sometimes you lose.