Saturday, November 19, 2011

Life @ Hell

Its been  close to five months of my stay at IIM Lucknow.
Somehow, the initial euphoria of coming to a world of exciting opportunities has prevailed over the depressing environment of the campus. I am a part of Manfest, which is a group of passionate people committed to deliver the annual business conclave of IIM Lucknow year after year. Things at IIM Lucknow are not that simple as they used to be in NIT Bhopal. Here, everything is simply, "GLOBE"

What a journey it has been so far. The fact that you are not part of the "Remedials" can seriously pose interesting problems. From the first institute party itself, I have been trying to get connected to the institute, its people, its culture. Something which has not happened so far. I have made conscious efforts, yet, there is something which is still missing. I have not made great friends, and this is something that I have realized over time, that it takes time  for me to befriend people. The insti parties, the booze, the dances, the music, have become an integral part of my life now.
I have made mistakes, and have learned tremendous lessons. So much has happened in the past five months.
We have had our summer placements, which showed me the worst and the best of a B school. It was a scary process, and has left many people short of confidence. The hype of mba as a degree will hopefully saturate in times to come when people do realize their real aptitude and fit to these programs.

Life @ Hell, so far, is exciting, fun, and, superficial at the same time. Hopefully, remaining 15 months will count for the rest of my life