Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Salary Day

Rs 54,000/-!!!!!!!!!!!
Exactly on this day, the 30th of September 2008, my world had changed, forever.
For a boy whose monthly purse during college hovered around the 3k mark, I could not believe the text that was being displayed on my mobile:
"Your Ac xxxxxx544404 is credited Rs 54,000.oo 29 Sep."
My first salary, the feeling of earning, and being independent, well, it was just a wonderful feeling.


AdiDM said...

lol...know the feeling the same message three days back...blew my mind...i assumed it must be a bank mistake...but no...sweet was true !! enjoy...take your friends out to dinner...

So what if i am boring!! said...

taking a cue from marathe..
extend services to out of city friends also..afterall..we in some hidden sense inspire you to perform better at your well paying job :)

Chitranshi said...

I just want to say Congratulations! :) It was very nice to hear that! :)

zuko said...

I would like to clarify, this was my first salary in year 2008.
Also, the amount is of 50 days work period, and not a monthly salary ;)P