Thursday, April 21, 2011


I have failed yet again,
feeling such an immense pain.
This time also I gave my best
Yet, I was not the best.

I do not know how to react
For I am definitely feeling low
I am not selected, thats a fact,
my mind in a dizzy, after this blow.

No one lost what I did
I cannot cry, for I am not a kid
What went wrong, is all I ask
How can I put that "all ok" mask?

Men learn from failures
Is what we were told
Failures teach wisdom, our Saviour,
Some weapon men possess as they grow old.

Krishna told Arjun there is no point
In being sad for what was never yours
Desire and Grief share an unbreakable joint
Give them up, and victory shall be yours.

Alas, but I am a mere mortal
and today I stand facing darkness
The iron fist of failure is brutal
and I see its grip in sharpness.

Courage is the virtue of the warriors
while fear the grave of the coward
I remember my failures through the years
trying hard to figure out a way forward

I just hope this strengthens my resolve
I wanna taste the sweetness of victory
Till the time the Earth revolves
I will strive to make a History