Monday, September 14, 2009

Healthy Terrorism!!

I was going through an article on terrorism in Guardian, UK, and it stated that India loses more no of people to internal and external terrorist strikes than any other country in the world, roughly about 3000 civilians and soldiers.
The word terrorism figures as many times an intellectual drama is airing across tons of thousands of news channels, the new found delicacy of the aam aadmi.
The aam aadmi fears for his life, and the government promises to fight terrorism at every cost.

Indian government spending on the country's defense and home security is a whooping figure, even by official figures, which make India the biggest international buyer of arms and military equipment.
Strategic experts have time and again pointed out the use of "third world" equipments by our armed forces. India has lost more than 100 pilots due to test-crashes, either because of failure or malfunctioning of the outdated Soviet flight equipments. It would be interesting to find out the total no of pilots or flights that have been crashed due to terror strikes across the world.
I wonder, given a choice, they would have loved to crash their planes on the enemy lines and glorify death.
The aam aadmi reads these headlines, and every tom, dick and Harry comments," Is Desh Ka kya ho Raha Hai", cribs at his government, yet we don't feel insecure by these accidents, neither do we feel at loss, until a dear one vanishes into the abyss of serving the nation.

One article on Health Safety services in India caught my eye recently.The author, expressed languish over the fact that two people die every minute in India because of TB, that makes it 2880/day and nearly over a million deaths per year.
The combined toll of Malaria, Diarohea, Cholera, AIDS, is way over the total population of some countires of the world.
Surprisingly, the public expenditure on the health sector was merely 0.6 % of the GDP in 2005.
The NHRM, a central government health care mission, aims to raise this spending to 2% of GDP by 2012.
In a country of over a billion people, more than half live under one dollar a day, those who cannot, succumb.

But the aam aadmi is helpless, he is himself fighting corruption, inflation, joblessness and many more evils. A middle class family income generator spends his life trying to secure his/her family, forget the rest.
So what to do?
Blame the bloody government, the selfish petty politicians and sleep in peace.
What does the government do?
Announce awesome plans, allot funds, and make sure that everything never falls in place.
When every argument fails, both the government and the aam aadmi blame the involvement of a foreign hand:


AdiDM said...

sigh...the best thing to do is live the best life you can without harming anyone and without causing anyone any harm knowingly...if everyone would do that...then there would not be any need for a coming bck to reality...i am with you pathik...lets do have my vote ! :D After all terrorism in its purest of forms is to draw attention to an issue being overlooked by an institute or organisation or government...

So what if i am boring!! said...

Totally agree with marathe..cribbing gets one nowhere..believing in our small changes does.
Good post pathik