Friday, November 6, 2009

Shipra Underpass

Everyday when I perform the “circus trick” in getting my bike through the almost choked Shipra Underpass, a major hurdle on my way to office from home, I say to myself,” Why don’t they make the road broader? Why don’t they regulate traffic properly?”
Let me file an RTI application seeking information regarding the PWD works of this underpass
Till date, the thoughts get lost as soon as I pass through that underpass.
It’s my responsibility; though there are hundreds who share the same traffic trauma.
“Pathik Bhai, kahe itna sochte ho, apni gaadi nikaalo aur chalo, yeh India yai, kuch nahi hone waala”

The RTI act is a landmark achievement towards bringing in accountability in governance and enabling the citizens with a tool to fight the corrupt and inefficient government administrative setup.
The significance of Right to Information Act passed in 2005 can be highlighted with the amount of media attention the issue of appointment of the Chief Information Officer (CIC) of India is generating.

The current issue of the appointment of the new CIC in wake of the completion of term of the present CIC holds tremendous importance not only for social activists but for people like you and me.
To be honest, I have not filed a single RTI application till date.
I tried once, but then, lost the steam, in spite of the fact that it just costs Rupees 10.
I know I want to change the world; I want our government to fight corruption, yet I have not done the simplest thing possible: write a simple application seeking information from the government.

Looks like it’s high time I filed my first RTI application.
I would not have done it, but for the issue of CIC.
Aamir Khan, Rahul Bose, Arvind Kejriwal, Subhash Chandra, NR Narayanmurthy, Nandita Das, Anna Hazare and many more noted activists have put a strong recommendation to the govt to appoint Ms Kiran Bedi for the same, which is being termed as “lobbying” by bureaucrats who see this as a major check on their superfluous motives.

There are people who are doing it; there are people who are concerned, and there are people, who suffer because they retort to silence.
I am sure; I would be doing great justice to my passion, by breaking mine.


komal said...

Pathik!! Dis was an inspiring one..If u have filed one..great job!! Hope to follow ur league one day..

poornima said...

Well my frd as usual a very genuine post.. But u would be happy to know tht the traffic in the bypass is getting regulated.. So i guess u ll be saved from doin weird stunts any more.