Thursday, November 5, 2009

King of Hope- Sachin

Post Match Presentation yesterday

Arun Lal-What motivates you?
Sachin- It's just playing for India. I care about playing for India. It has been a dream. It's my passion to play for my country.

17k runs, numerous records, immense glory and fame.
The greatest pleasure of watching Sachin play has been and will be his humbleness on and off the field, and the simple ingredient of passion towards cricket, for India.
The biggest fascination watching him play is the amount of hope he generates in the hearts of a country with over a billion people looking to win and celebrate in life.

And as is the irony with greatness, time and again the master will be reminded of the fact that inspite of his big knocks, India failed to win.

But then, Gods are worshipped, for they give hope to people.
So will be Sachin. Mate, may you be there, forever, as the symbol of Hope, in the hearts of all cricket lovers around the globe.
Today, I raise a toast to your passion, for cricket, for India.


jags said...
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jags said...

Its truly said he is synonym of hope for cricket lovers[esp when india is chasing] and interestingly he one unifying factor in India that cuts through regionalism,religionalism,caste,
class and almost all kinds of economic and social stratification one finds in this land of kaleidoscopic variety.

nitin said...

Well said zuko... no doubt hopes are always attached with this one man… he keeps millions of dying expectations alive...most of the time considered as to be the one man show who carries away the game simply to the next level with his uncanny knack of hitting balls all over the stadium. "SACHIN TENDULKAR" a living legend an epitome of humbleness, greatness and a true Indian.

But it was really the moment of disappointment in the Indian block after their loss to Aussie’s by mere 3 runs in the 5th one-dayer yesterday letting them to take 3-2 lead in 7 ODIs. Irony is that Sachin once again after his incredible big knock failed to let India savor the taste of victory. ” Sheer bad luck”. And today morning I was watching in highlights the god with his magic wand killing each and every effort of the Australian bowlers. He’s great.
Many a little makes a mickle , I understand Indian top batters have had failed to amassing the total of 351 , which if they could had , than the ball would have been in India’s court.
Many a times it happened sachin’s heroic efforts are not paid well enough only b’coz of lackluster performance of the rest teammates. But hail to Sachin.He is "king of hope".