Sunday, November 8, 2009

Angry Young Man

Saale tere jaise itna maar khate hain, bhaag yahan se, nikal saaleee, bc...........

Humiliated, that's how I felt.
Slowly, I turned my back, put back my papers in the bag, put on the helmet, and with misty eyes, started again for my class, on my stunner.
I don't know, whether it was the Smog around, or the feeling of being humiliated in public by the UP Police, my eyes were burning, and for once, the sound of my heart pounding against the walls of my rib cage, seemed to compete with the throttle of my Japanese Honda engine.

What I saw yesterday was rape in broad day light by goons in Khaki uniforms.
In the name of Traffic Month, these people were simply out there to harass the common man.
If you had a DL, where is your RC?
If you had a RC, where is the pollution control certificate?
When did you renewed it?
Even if someone had all the papers, the manner and tone in which these goons were talking was simply untolerable for anyone who respects self-identity.

They are pure extortionists, state-sponsored mafia, and I saw their bloody dirty face yesterday.
Inspite of all my best efforts to stay calm, I lost temper, and said:
" I have already shown all my documents. If I don't have my RC because it will take another week, I cannot help it yaar"

The moment I uttered the word yaar, I had committed the gravest crime in the world.
Hum tere yaar hain.

After 15-20 mins of teasing, they seemed to be getting bored, for more fools were in the queue.
Saale tere jaise itna maar khate hain, bhaag yahan se, nikal saaleee, bc.........

Angry, humiliated and disgusted, I had no option but to leave.
Is this my country?
Is this my police, whose duty is to protect me?
Why am I a Chuitya, because I respect the rule of law, I wear a helmet while riding my bike, or because I stand for what is just?

Bhadwe hain, dalaal saale, aur ismain galti us police waale ki utni nahi, jitni hamare system ki hai, kyunki use bhi uske political boss ne target diya hoga, jao aaj Noida se itna chanda lekar aao.

Is system main system follow karne waalon ki na koi aukaat hai aur na hi koi izzat.

I don't understand why don't these Khaki people realise that they are one of us, and if not for that Khaki, I would have really made them understand who the real Chutiya is.

One more thing, whenever a cop abuses, wo gaali lagti hai.


AdiDM said...

pathik bhai...i understand where you are coming from...i do...and i would totally have your back if push came to shove in such situations...

Everything has a flip side. Every system too has its share of bad and good apples...some of them are oranges but what the hell !! cops everywhere are of different colors and were in UP brother...this was a little expected. Forget the humiliation if any that you might be feeling and remember that if you come down south to Bangalore, i promise the cops will be much more loving and caring :D

So what if i am boring!! said...

Shaany gadadhaari bheem shaant!
I agree with marathe. Its a messy system we have here and its bound to have its ugly sides. Atleast you cared enough to write about it.