Monday, August 10, 2009

Hang them all......

TO be hanged by the neck untill death
I am not making news when I say that India is one of the most favored terrorist targets, neither do I claim to make a discovery when I say that the life of an average Indian is one of the most easiest to take among the different countries of the world.
But what definitely should have made news, was the appeal of Shiv Sena chief, akka Bal Tackerey, in his Sena mouthpiece, Samna, to hang Mr. Ajmal blah blah Kasab, publicaly, infront of Gateway of India, for the accused faces charges of killing innocent Indians, in the so called "Mumbai Under Seige" episode.
As an average citizen of India, I share the same angst and irony as Mr Thackrey shares, and for the first time ever in my life, I see reason in aggressive capital punishment. By his call of Hanging Kasab in public, He wants to show them, an eye for an eye. Enough is enough. We won't keep quiet forever. Hang him, bloody killer, let them know, India is no sissy.
Let me go a step further, and ask all of us, all we Indians:
  • Over 1000 fellow innocent Indians died in post Godhara riots in Gujarat, kids have been orphaned, mothers disgraced, men broken in shadow and spirit, the soul of the nation had been raped, but what did we do?
  • The riots of Bombay spread a new wave of communalism in India, what did we do?
  • Maximum number of rapes take place in India, what do we do?
  • A kid dies in this country every minute because of mal nutrition, what do we do?

The list will go on and on, but does it really matter to us, if innocent Indians are killed, or does it matter to us, it's we who hold the trigger or it's them?

If Kasab can be punished, why not these traitors?

What justice exists in a society, where girls are traded in the pursuit of money, where children are sold for survival, where murderers and rapists voice public opinion in the parliament, where a man spends all his life trying to justify his integrity to the nation, where to be just and true is a crime?

The only justice I see, is to hang them all, once for all, I am sick and tired of this rotten system, and I do want my children to live in a society where survival is not based on the roots of acceptance of the bloody system.

All Indians are my brothers and sisters, bloody joke of the century.

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zuko said...

Folks, apologies for the Rape stat:
USA has the highest recorded rape rate in the world, as also the no of recorded cases.

The stats about India are far too wide and diverse to be qouted with authority.
I tender apologies for the same.