Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Birthday Boy!

Today 12th August 2009, I complete an year of corporate melodrama courtesy Reliance Infrastructure Limited or akka Reliance Energy.
From being one of the three GET's to be in HR department, to getting transferred into Systems and Procedures department, from handling TSSA with Black &Veatch to being the team member of the Head of Engineering, from forwarding mails which almost got me fired, a year full of adaptations.
Certainly not expected, not defined, but the cloud of corporate lust, has already started growing, thick and fast.
The rules of the game are simple:
"Keep changing the goal Posts"
Inspite of all the wisdom, money does make one feel good, if not better ;)


AdiDM said...

badhai ho...badhai ho....congratulations...welcome to the this past year we have learnt how not to do things than how to actually do things !! cheers to that...

So what if i am boring!! said...

Kabhi shaant nahin hoti paise ki bhook..
Ek saal main jo seekha.keep it in your memory book
Anyay ke khilaaf aawaz uthai aur nahi rahe tum mook..
Lekin something about your look.

(sorry for the pain..i hope your eyes didnt burn)