Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Monsoon Weddings

Monsoon's are here, and it's raining marriages this season.

We Live in a time when visiting Facebook every day has become a ritual, and to the my utter dismay, the only images that I see floating around on Facebook these days are of my friends getting engaged, married or celebrating the birthday of their kid. What has happened to the world! 

At 26, it's not that I expect this to be unusual, most of my friends have settled either in their technical job or are enjoying the post MBA stint with some of the best corporates in the world. Still, ain't it too early to get married? Obviously, your girlfriend's dad won't wait for you to get a breather, neither will your girl friend. Is it that this is the time when everyone in life thinks that's it's the perfect time to "Settle Down", which in itself is an illusion created to fuel and sustain one of the most fundamental societal institution called marriage.

By the time I will graduate out of IIM Lucknow, most of my good friends would have already settled down, ( which also shows the bad timing of my MBA programme :P ) and the whole situation freaks me out to the core, imagine talking to your "matured, settled friend". 

It's time to take out my umbrella, for it's raining marriages this monsoon!

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zuko said...

No offence to my loving married friends :)