Monday, December 13, 2010

Let Me Love

The moment I close my eyes,
I see you passing by,
I just can't think anymore,
Touch my lips with yours, so pure.

The world looks so dark,
Come be my light.
Failure seems to be the only mark,
My success,come stand by my side.

Every time I look into that mirror,
A dead man laughs, to my horror.
Oh my savior, bring me peace,
Heal my wounds,put me at ease.

Remember, the long walk,
Words melted hearts, when we talked.
Hold my hands, just once more,
Like a sea,melting on the shore.

The wind, teases me,
loneliness, freezes me.
Will you come, be my spring?
Would you, take thy ring?

Let me love you,
every moment, each time.
Let me tell them,
You are mine.