Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Political Alchemy

 Well, an attempt to write a poem churned up politics, God help me !!

Political alchemy

Don’t shout

Put things on flame

Fumes rise

Use ashes to cover the shame

Beat someone

Its good if he dies

If dead are none

There’s room for lies

Inflict pain

The more you do

The more you inflict

The more you gain

Skull hunting

That’s the new game

Use blood for painting

Shed it and make your name


Ananya's Quill said...

Highly laconic in its style. Aptly defines ur thought, and acts as a satire on our current political system. The tendency of making the innocent public a scapegoat always, with a sadist attitude looms large, and is so entwined, dat now it feels as if our politics has existed like this forever.

Ananya's Quill said...

Oh, i Forgot to mention the 'xxtra' special cutie, the cartoon strips..I bet, the creative team of Amul has not been innovative but has been consistently innovative which is hard to find. Love the actors created by them... n nice choice of politics related cartoon, after the heavy poem !!!

Mohit M Sudan said...

if this was an attempt to write on politics..then its a good one..keep the anger and the anguish locked in..this will be your fuel in wht you want to do..

and if this was an attempt to write a poem just like that..pathik bawaaa!!! life is multi-dimensional.. kuch kar apna.. a date with marathe seems to be the perfect remedy :P marathe would agree

mojoking said...

pathik, the poem is brilliant to say the least, really really long unkempt hair [referably braided and a long beard kissing the earth would make you a great heavy metalloid despite your built.

keep it up.
keep em comin'
when the comments pour
thats when you start rockin'