Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Agony of Harry Potter 6

Garud Dwar
Bolti Topi
Chir Nidra Kadha

I have to write this one.

Yesterday, we saw The Half Blood Prince.
Sorry, Ms Rowling, this one was in Hindi.
Also, Ms. Rowling would be surprised to know her creation Mr Potter is no longer a child but a half grown man with quite an appetite for chicks and what more, even Saint Dumbledore has turned naughty.
I never knew Mr Weasley had such an intense and raunchy relationship within the pages of the novel, neither did i knew Ms Granger had harbored such an intense sense of desperateness for Mr Weasley(Although I would always keep loving Ms Emma Watson for whatever she does ;))
Our dear old Hagrid too has adopted the peculiar tone of Dharam Paji, and boy, I bet the whole hall would have cried seeing Hagrid offer prayers to Aragog, what an emotional scene that was...

Ahan, How can i forget Ms Weasley, that pretty, naughty girl, who throughout the film, is either hugging or kissing anyone that bumps into her, even our very own Miracle Boy, Mr. Potter.

The standout performance of the film was no doubt, but Mr Weasley, who seems to have grown far too big and broad, butterbeer they say, and who throughout the movie has taken the role of lead comedian, pretty much like the Chota Chatris or the Pappu Pagers of our Bollywood tales.
Bravo Mr Weasley !!!

The best scene of the movie, any guesses, well ladies and gentlemen, kindly hold your beats, here it is : A love sign, yeah a love sign, drawn on the forst ladden viewglass of the train compartment, yeah you guessed it right, for Mr Weasley, the forbidden love.........

I am sure, Ms Rowling, sorry, Ms Julia Roberts, is the original script writer for this movie.
What awesome emotions, what romance.
Even our own Nadiadwalas, the makers of Kambhakt Ishq, would not have been able to deliver a better crap romantic emotional drama than our beloved foreign partners, Warner Borthers!!

As Far as Mr Potter is concerned, i would love to see Ms Rowling's creation take the centrestage.
As it looks now, the agony is, it's our love-struck, melodramatic, technicolor bollywood hero, Dude Harry, appearing in the feature films.

In loving memory of the Half Blood Prince:
By Harry Potter Fan Club.

P.S.: I forgot to mention Mugglu, Jhaduwale, my companions, but, that's another story !!!


poornima said...

My dear Jhaduwale Muglu... First of all i think Julia Roberts is too intelligent to be writing such a stupid script... Secondly i truly relished the pun in every single line. Thoughts are conveyed very effectively as always.. So keep up the good work!!!!!

P.S: I do not think you would ve watched the movie for even 10 mins had v(ur muglu frds), not been there.

sunny said...

Hermoine Granger was luking beautiful yesterday.. a rare combination of simplicity, beauty n confidence :))

Movie was also O.K.

Thanks Pathik.. u r a sweetheart..

AdiDM said...

Good article mr. pat-trick...actually found this article a funny read as well as helped me in deciding NOT to go to that movie now...but keep up the good work...your blog has got an ardent follower in me...

p.s. why aren't you a volunteer in teach india ?? think about it...

So what if i am boring!! said...

haha..funny post.
But these movies are made keeping the teeny bopper kids into mind...ab kya kar sakte hain..they cant keep everyone they try to please the target audience